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How many kilometres in total does your business fleet travel in one year?
(?) Enter the average number of kilometres travelled by one employee in your fleet in one year. +
(?) Enter the total number of kilometres your business fleet travels in one year. +
(?) Continue the calculation with the average annual distance travelled by GA cardholders (25,000 km) per employee in your business. +
Number of kilometres
How many of your employees travel for business reasons?
(?) Enter the number of employees who use your business fleet. +
Number of employees
What are the full costs per kilometre travelled by car?
(?) Enter the actual costs (full costs) per kilometre generated by one vehicle in your business fleet. +
(?) Continue the calculation with an average figure for vehicle expenses per km (CHF 0.71). +
Indicated full costs per kilometre in CHF
What are your salary costs per employee/hour?
(?) Enter the average salary costs per employee/hour. +
(?) Continue the calculation with an average figure for salary costs per employee/hour (CHF 100.00). +
Indication in CHF